About Us

Industry leading SMSF auditor with 
25 years' experience

Our Service

ASF Audits provides SMSF audit services to over 200 clients throughout Australia. We seek to add value to our clients through our skills, knowledge and services we provide.

We are an organisation who prides itself on the level of service we provide to our clients. Our staff understand the core requirements needed to ensure our clients receive the level of service they have come to expect from us.

  • To provide excellent service to our clients in all areas of our work
  • To ensure excellence in client service through maintaining the highest level of competence, independence and integrity within the firm
  • To be involved in and contribute to the advancement of the audit profession and our industry
  • To provide within the firm the opportunity for personal and professional development, growth in skills and personal interrelationships, and rewarding work experiences
  • To maintain our service and clients by developing and improving our specialist skills and expertise

In seeking to provide an excellent professional service to each client, we approach each engagement with the following objectives:

  • Attain thorough knowledge of the client , in order to properly assess the events and conditions affecting it and its financial position and progress
  • Assess the client’s internal accounting and administrative controls, its accounting and administrative information systems and its other features, in order to effectively advise the client and fulfil the engagement objectives
  • Identify and communicate situations and potential actions that appear to be opportunities for improving the client’s operations and conditions
  • Be alert to areas of personal assistance to the owner–manager of client firms, so that our services may be of maximum benefit to the client.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ASF Audits is committed to being a good corporate citizen, making a difference socially and believe it is important to partner with like minded organisations. We know that when people work together towards achieving commons goals such as a sustainable environment, diversity and social inclusion and conducting business in an ethical manner we are able to improve the communities in which we work and live in.

We have made a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste. At ASF Audits we have created an environment that values contributions and we understand the worth in giving back. Our people are encouraged to be involved with local volunteering activities and to give back to their communities. Our staff enjoy getting involved in whole of office morning teas to raise money for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and the RSPCA Cupcake Day just to name a few.

At ASF Audits we understand the importance of offering financial support and assistance to local charities and are proud to partner with Captain Courageous.

Our staff are encouraged to suggest charitable events where we can all work together to achieve the greater good and make a difference.