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SMSF trustees targeted by cybercriminals

Cyber Scams Target Unsuspecting SMSF Trustees

The early access to Superannuation programme assists SMSF trustees in need of financial assistance due to the impact of COVID-19....

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electronic witnessing SMSF trust deeds

NSW Allows Electronic Witnessing of SMSF Trust Deeds

Video conferencing technology like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom is now legal to use in the electronic witnessing of critical...

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electronic signature witness COVID-19

Why COVID-19 Will Fast-Track the Use of E-Signatures

One of the emerging issues from COVID-19 is the delay to SMSF trustees providing signed documentation. And while the ATO...

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smsf data feed

5 Reasons Why a Data Feed Isn't an SMSF Audit

There is a perception in the SMSF industry that once a data feed is in place, there is nothing left...

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technology won't replace smsf auditors

Why Technology Won’t Replace SMSF Auditors

Many SMSF trustees and advisers could be forgiven for thinking that recent developments in technology mean that SMSF auditors no...

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