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Derivative Volatility SMSF

ASIC Warns SMSF Trustees at Risk in Volatile Markets

ASIC has provided an early warning for SMSF trustees at risk due to increased trading activity in derivative investments and...

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SMSF trustees targeted by cybercriminals

Cyber Scams Target Unsuspecting SMSF Trustees

The early access to Superannuation programme assists SMSF trustees in need of financial assistance due to the impact of COVID-19....

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SMSF Auditors handling rent relief

Here's How SMSF Auditors Will Deal With Rent Relief

The ramifications of COVID-19 will affect SMSFs for many years. One of the financial impacts is that an SMSF may...

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uncertain SMSF asset values

Uncertain SMSF Asset Values Under COVID-19

One of the biggest sleepers from the impact of COVID-19 is uncertain SMSF asset values. For the first very time,...

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electronic witnessing SMSF trust deeds

NSW Allows Electronic Witnessing of SMSF Trust Deeds

Video conferencing technology like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom is now legal to use in the electronic witnessing of critical...

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how minimum pensions work with COVID-19

Coming to Terms with COVID-19 Pension Payments

While we never thought we would live to see the day where the early release of Super is sanctioned, SMSF...

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electronic signature witness COVID-19

Why COVID-19 Will Fast-Track the Use of E-Signatures

One of the emerging issues from COVID-19 is the delay to SMSF trustees providing signed documentation. And while the ATO...

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commercial rent relief

Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct Confirmed for SMSFs

The Government has agreed to a new Code of Conduct ("Code") that imposes a set of good faith leasing principles...

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ATO COVID-19 and SMSF related part

Extending Rent Relief to SMSF Related Parties

We know the ATO has sanctioned an SMSF negotiating rent relief with a related party tenant as a result of...

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best SMSF practices during COVID-19

Navigating SMSF Best Practices During COVID-19

C.S. Lewis said that "integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching". When one sees articles instructing SMSF...

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