Written by Sarah Penn

February 2013 was the turning point for Perk’s SMSF business when Kim Bigg (Perks Director in charge of SMSF) discovered ASF Audits at the 2013 SMSFA conference.
Perks, founded in 1982 by Harry and Greg Perks, had grown into 130 people business, successfully providing full service accounting to thousands of clients. But the SMSF side of the business was at a crossroads.

Kim and his team were determined to offer a high quality SMSF service to their clients, but knew their efforts were being hampered – there’s only so much you can manage with long hours, desktop software and good intentions.

Class Super was the first leap forward; suddenly they could manage their clients’ SMSF affairs in a fraction of the time it was taking previously. The ‘everything online’ approach cemented Kim’s thinking that digital was the only way forward.

But there was still a gap when it came to audits. As Kim says “The efficiencies we did get from Class Super did not carry through to the audit phase.”
With Class now implemented in the business, the low technology solution in the audit space was becoming even more evident. Thinking back to his conversation with Ben and Richard at the 2013 SMSF Conference, Kim got in touch with ASF Audits, who were in the final stages of developing their ‘one touch’ audit system. Kim was impressed by ASF’s commitment to continuous improvement, as well as their team of highly skilled, locally based audits. It was an easy decision.

Making the decision to move to ASF Audits was easy. The transition was straight forward (about 15-20 minutes additional time in the first year, easily paid back by the 30+ minutes saved every following year) and the Perks team was soon benefiting from high quality audits, personalised service and the clincher, a continuously developing digital solution.

Plus, Kim has found that ‘query management’ is an unexpected bonus. When a client asks where their audit is up to, Kim and his team can get an answer in 10 seconds. As a full service firm, Perks clients expect the team to know exactly where their SMSF is up to, and this was not as easy to do prior to ASF. Kim says the ‘total clarity’’ of the ASF solution has made a big difference to his peace of mind, as he can see where an audit is up to with the click of a button.

In fact, overall peace of mind has been the greatest benefit of switching to ASF Audit. “I can spend time value adding to my clients, which is where I should be, instead of worrying about the status of each client’s audit progress. I just don’t have to worry anymore.”