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LRBA paid out

What Happens Once an LRBA is Paid Out?

While paying out a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA) can free up cash and finally bring in some additional income...

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part a qualifications impact

The Impact of Part A Qualifications

Before it became an ATO reporting requirement in the 2019 annual return, Part A qualifications were primarily ignored within the...

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smsf admin penalties

The New Era of SMSF Penalties

We’ve entered a new era of SMSF administrative penalties where trustees are facing the consequences of any illegal activity in...

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sole purpose test SMSF

How to Pass the Sole Purpose Test

Making sure an SMSF passes the sole purpose test (“SPT”) is one of the cornerstones of operating a compliant SMSF....

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new rules for NALI

New Rules Turn NALI Into Gnarly

The government has recently passed legislation to reduce the ambiguity surrounding the effect of non-arms length expenditure (NALE) on SMSFs.   Where a fund incurs less (or nil) expenditure by participating in a...

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SMSF trustee litigation risk

Does SMSF Litigation Risk Die with Trustees?

How many times have we heard that it’s only an SMSF audit; there’s not much in the fund, or it’s...

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smsf auditor check

Why Didn't My SMSF Auditor Check That?

SMSF auditors are the last link in a long superannuation chain before the annual return gets lodged. And when things...

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timing of contributions

Accepting EOFY Contributions After June 30

Typically, SMSF contributions aren’t counted until the payment is received in the fund's bank account. The problems start, however, when...

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simple rules for related parties

3 Simple Rules for Related Parties

Trying to identify related party transactions in an SMSF can seem like pulling apart a set of Russian dolls: the...

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smsf auditor independence

The Hidden Path to Independence

ASIC recently announced that seven (7) SMSF auditors with independence issues were either deregistered or had a condition placed on...

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